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Which are the elements that have made Mostos Españoles stand between the most important juice concentrate manufacturers in Europe? Drawn from the premise of a family business, with a profound knowledge of the product and the territory, our ambition to grow and improve has taken us to an international expansion that nowadays takes our grape musts to more than 30 countries worldwide. What makes it possible is an infrastructure that includes installations with cutting-edge technology, with a production capacity of approximately 400.000 liters per day, as well as our own potent distribution mediums.

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Juice concentrates manufacturers with consolidated prestige

The traceability of our products is guaranteed and the processes we use seek to maintain their proprieties at a maximum, at the same time we are manufacturers of must concentrates with specific characteristics: they are available in bio, halal or baby food version. Thereby, at Mostos Españoles we demonstrate the capacity to unify the best of the winemaking tradition of the Castilla-La Mancha region – we work exclusively with grapes selected from local producers – with the demands of the current market, at qualitative and product variety level.

In the production of both the red grape juice concentrate and the white grape, we incorporate versions that respond to the increasing demands of the market. For example, we have concentrates with bio labeling, as well as halal products. On the other hand, it is worth noting that our activity includes the fabrication of must not from concentrate (NFC). Don’t hesitate to consult us regarding the proprieties of any of the products from our range in sale of grape must. We can surely supply a must that matches your requirements and this way put at your service all the quality that defines us.