Red grape juice concentrate

Since 1971 Mostos Españoles is a company that satisfies the diverse necessities of the food industry regarding the use of red grape juice concentrate. Any product that includes in its formula this ingredient can benefit from the use of our concentrate, thanks to the elevated quality standards for which we are known at an international level, as well as our capacity to supply musts that are adequate to the different requirements of the current market, including halal, bio or baby food versions.

In any case, the product doesn’t stop following the fundaments that mark the quality: our red grape must concentrate as well as its white grape equivalent, are fabricated with fruit from the local cooperatives. We are defined by the manner in which we combine the value of the tradition, as a business attached to the territory and with the more than four decades of trajectory, with the advantages and guarantees given by the cutting-edge technology. We control each step of the production and distribution in order to bring high quality products to the market and to facilitate their supply in optimal conditions to the client.

International distribution of red grape juice concentrate

Currently, we send our grape juice in bulk to dozens of countries. This way, we are talking about a line of products prepared to satisfy the requirements of clients worldwide in the face of their diverse possible uses. Years of effort, persistence and improvement vocation have allowed us to become one of the most important manufacturers of juice concentrates in our area of influence, something in which our respect for our own values as a family company have had a great influence. Don’t forget that we also have NFC grape juice and that we offer, on demand, the possibility to aseptically pack any of our products.