Wine juice concentrate suppliers

Currently, Mostos Españoles is between the wine juice concentrate suppliers with greater international projection. We take advantage in our product range of the insuperable proprieties provided by the local production of grapes in the center of Spain. For that, we rely on our own experience as a company that is completely involved in the sector and on the importance of production facilities which comply with the current demands, thus accomplishing a grape juice concentrate ideal for our client’s necessities. Since 1971 we haven’t stopped evolving at the hand of the companies that maintain their confidence in us.

As grape juice concentrate manufacturers we develop a production that places value on the versatility of this product, in its red and white variety, ensuring to contribute the factors that mark the difference for the food industry. We respond to demands with agility, maintaining in every moment strict quality and traceability standards. Today our facilities are equipped with state-of-theart storage, filtration, concentration, aseptic filling equipment… in order to guarantee an optimum work in each phase of this process that takes us to put in your hands the grape concentrate that you hope for.

Suppliers of wine juice concentrate with state-of-the-art technology

Of course, we can’t forget the equally important role occupied in our production by the NFC bulk grape juice for wine making. Don’t hesitate to come forward with your specific necessities regarding the range of products that we develop and we will do everything that is possible to meet them. The mediums of this we dispose allow us to work today in a gratifying manner for our clients spread across more than 30 different counties. We believe that our determination to maintain the family character of the company, respectful with the product and the environment without losing sight of the technological evolution, is one of the keys of our success and sustained growth over so many years.