Grape juice concentrate

The ample demand of our grape juice concentrate, which we currently commercialize in more than thirty countries, gives a good measure of the versatility of this product, whether in its white or its red variety. But above all, this success attests the acceptance of a concentrate that possesses first-rate organoleptic proprieties and therefore responds to the expectations for the most demanding uses. In Mostos Españoles we can reach and guarantee the sector’s cutting-edge quality standards due to our constant sum of raw materials, tradition, effort and innovation.

When buying grape juice, turning to Mostos Españoles means enjoying the qualities that can be brought by a specialized and veteran company. We take into consideration the values of the origins, using grapes from local producers in our environment, and the essential technological contributions. The investment we’ve made in state-of-the-art production and quality control mediums have helped establish us in the international market, where we count with distinguished and loyal clients. Our solid standards are reinforced during the entire year by an impeccable traceability system.

Spanish grape juice concentrate

You now know a little more about the many factors that have converted us in one of the leading wine juice concentrate suppliers, honoring our region’s and our country’s famous tradition. We invite you to get to know the range of products that we place at your disposal the locate the one that fits your necessities, considering that we also address the production of rectified grape juices and also the production of bulk grape juice for wine making. In any case, we make sure to reunite attractive proprieties for the most rigorous clients and we are also opened always to study the changes that you wish to propose regarding the characteristics of the product you are interested in.